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How To Bathe Your Cat

How To Bathe Your Cat Without Bloodshed Even though they are not known to be the greatest water fanatics, cats are not known to have a hygiene problem, as they keep themselves relatively clean.

Teaching Your Puppy New Tricks

Fun Ways Of Teaching Your Puppy New Tricks

Teaching your little friend some new tricks can be a lot of fun if you practice the right approach. We all know that, in any learning process, there cannot just be "all work, no play", so do keep this in mind when trying to teach your puppy some fun tricks.

Of course, there are the basic commands of "sit", "stay", "come", "down", and those are very important, yet maybe you should not underestimate the actual benefits of teaching your puppy some cool tricks as well.

Remedies for Cat Allergies

Remedies for Cat Allergies

Our love for these furry creatures has created a nation of cat owners, unfortunately millions of people deal with cat allergies everyday. The bad news is that a cure for cat allergies has not been found and that the best remedy to a pet allergy is avoiding being close to that pet.

What Classifies as Animal Abuse

Animal abuse or cruelty is any act which results in the harming of an animal, whether it is intentional or through negligence. This includes a person’s own pets.

Pet Tips

Holistic Pet Care

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Have you ever heard of holistic care, have you ever heard of holistic care for pets? Holistic pet care is a wonderful way of not only curing your pet, but can provide preventative health care to make sure your pet will not get sick. There are many, many forms of holistic pet care ranging from acupuncture for your pet, pet homeopathy, pet nutrition and even pet chiropractics. With all of these services available why wait until your pet gets sick before you start taking care of him?

Holistic Pet Care

Holistic pet care has quite a few advantages; one being it will reduce the number of trips to your veterinarian for routine check ups and other health related concerns. Keeping your pet healthy, happy and energetic with all natural pet supplements will keep its coat healthy and shiny, just the way we like it.

Holistic pet care is quickly becoming more popular, not just because it's another way for supply stores to make money, but simply because it is seen as a superior way to care for our pets. The internet is always a great place to find more information on all natural pet foods, and pet supplements. Holistic veterinarians are also becoming easier to find with most major cities having at least one, please consider this alternative to keeping your pets glimmer in its eyes. Using holistic remedies can help you save money on vet visits, and if your pet is healthier he will be happier. If natural products are better for people, wouldn't you agree that they have the possibility to be just as beneficial to the animals we love?

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Animal Shelter Facts

Did you know that three in ten (or 34,700,000) households own at least one cat?


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