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Every year several million cats and dogs are euthanized by organizations like Souris Valley Humane Society because the population is much higher than the number of families and homes willing to properly take care of these animals. When you adopt a pet from Souris Valley Humane Society, you give a dog or a cat a second chance at life. Not all shelters euthanize animals, you can contact your local animal shelter to find out if there are any animals in need of rescuing before they are put down.

When you adopt a dog or cat from an animal shelter you also create additional space for another lost or abandoned pet who needs a safe environment.

Shelter pets are given the chance to interact with other animals and humans every day. While shelters can be noisy and overwhelming for some animals, it also provides a good environment for dogs and cats to learn to adapt and tolerate other animals. This can be particularly important if you already have a pet or even small children in your home.

Most animal shelters are provided, as required by law, for the safety and healthy well-being of the community. Additionally, individuals may choose to open private animal shelters. Despite popular belief animal shelters do not have to accept all animals. There are many shelters that will accept any animal, but sometimes shelters will have to turn away animals because of over population.

There are two types of animal shelters: traditional animal shelters allow animals to be euthanized if they are unhealthy or if they have been residents of the shelter for a specified amount of time. While this may seem heartless to many, most animal shelters are restricted on the amount of space and money they have to work with. To help prevent the euthanization of an animal, families and individuals looking for a new pet should try to adopt from their local shelter.

A no-kill shelter is an animal shelter that will take pets in but will not euthanize dogs and cats to make room for new animals. No-kill shelters are much more likely to run out of space and turn down new animals if pets are not being adopted.

Animal shelters like Souris Valley Humane Society are a great benefit to communities, pets and families. Shelters step in and provide a safe environment for lost and unwanted pets until they are able to find a home from them. The shelters help keep animals healthier and protect the community by keeping stray cats and dogs from overrunning the streets. You can help the mission of animal shelters by adopting pets responsibly and spaying or neutering your pet to help control the growing pet population.

Souris Valley Humane Society

P.O. Box 1261
minot, North Dakota 58702
Phone: 701-852-6133
Fax: 701-838-7622
The Souris Valley Humane Society is committed to the prevention of cruelty to animals.

* - We shall shelter and care for lost and unwanted animals.
* - We shall place animals into humane environments
* - We shall implement educational programs and provide services to promote responsible pet ownership. * - We shall be advocates for animals, speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves.

We invite you to be a part of this.
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