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Remedies for Cat Allergies
Remedies for Cat Allergies

Our love for these furry creatures has created a nation of cat owners, unfortunately millions of people deal with cat allergies everyday. The bad news is that a cure for cat allergies has not been found and that the best remedy to a pet allergy is avoiding being close to that pet.

What Classifies as Animal Abuse
Animal abuse or cruelty is any act which results in the harming of an animal, whether it is intentional or through negligence. This includes a personís own pets.

Healthy Homemade Dog Food
How to Prepare Healthy Homemade Dog Food

More and more dog owners are starting to feed their beloved canine companions homemade meals, either because they feel that the commercially available pet food is sub-standard, or because they have enough time at their disposal to be able to cook for their dogs.

Travelling With Your Cat by Car
15 Useful Tips for Travelling With Your Cat by Car

When it comes to road trips, cats are not always the best companions. For most cats, the idea of road tripping is both scary and unwelcomed. But if you wish to make it as comfortable as possible, take into account our these simple and useful tips.

Vermont Animal Shelter directory
Vermont Animal Shelters receive pets from:

* stray animals
* relatives when an owner has passed away
* humane organizations and animal control agencies
* owners who can no longer care for their pets

When animals are taken in, they rarely have a medical history. If there is one available that indicates medical aid or veterinary care has been given; this information is passed on to the new owner. The Animal Shelter cannot guarantee the health or temperament of an animal adopted from the Shelter.

In order to adopt from a Vermont Animal Shelter you will need a Drivers License or photo ID and must be at least 18 years of age.

Please allow at least 30 minutes to visit the Shelter, view the animals and acquaint yourself with those who are available for adoption. If you do not find what you are looking for, a wish list is sometimes maintained at the front desk, so be sure to check with the receptionist.

Want to add your Vermont shelter or rescue to our database? Click here to fill out a short form and have your shelter or rescue added to our database!

Addison County Humane Society
middlebury, Vermont 05753

All Breed Rescue
South Burlington, Vermont 05403

Bennington County Humane Society
shaftsbury, Vermont 05262

Boxers N more Rescue VT
Wilmington, Vermont 05636

Caledonia Animal Rescue
st. johnsbury, Vermont 05819

Central Vermont Humane Society, Inc.
montpelier, Vermont 05601

Elizabeth Brown Humane Society
st. johnsbury, Vermont 05819

Franklin County Humane Society
saint albans, Vermont 05478

Grand Isle Humane Society
isle la motte, Vermont 05463

Green Mountain Animal Defenders
burlington, Vermont 05406

Green Mountain Humane Society
white river junction, Vermont 05001

Green Mtn Pug Rescue
Lyndonville, Vermont 05851

Greyhound Rescue of Vermont
williston, Vermont 05495

Humane Society of Central Vermont
barre, Vermont 05641

St. Johnsbury, Vermont 05819

Little Cheetah Cat Rescue
Hardwick, Vermont 05843

Luckydog Animal Control Adoption Program
arlington, Vermont 05250

Lucy Mackenzie Humane Society
woodstock, Vermont 05091

Mountain View Farm Animal Sanctuary
east burke, Vermont 05832

North Country Animal League
morrisville, Vermont 05661

Poodle Rescue of Vermont
Essex Jct, Vermont 05451

Random Rescue
Williamstown, Vermont 05679

Rutland County Humane Society
pittsford, Vermont 05763

S.O.S. - Save Our Strays Association
huntington, Vermont 05462

Save Our Strays Association (SOS)
south burlington, Vermont 05407

Save the Greyhound Dogs
essex junction, Vermont 05452

Spring Hill Horse Rescue
nort clarendon, Vermont 05759

Spring Hill Horse Rescue Large Animal Humane
Clarendon, Vermont 05759

Springfield Humane Society
springfield, Vermont 05156

Vermont Humane Federation
clarendon, Vermont 05759

Vermont Volunteer Services for Animals
bridgewater, Vermont 05034

Windham County Humane Society
brattleboro, Vermont 05302

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